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Medications taken to address the symptoms and disease activity for those living with rheumatoid arthritis, can often compromise the immune system- leaving it vulnerable to various viruses and bacteria, which can sometimes be difficult to fight off for some.

Airborne Particles vs. RA

By Effie Koliopoulos

Living with rheumatoid arthritis is often a challenge on its own but when traveling is added into the mix, it can require even more strategic planning.

Fighting off airborne particles during travel such as; germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, allergies etcetera, can be an added struggle for

those taking immunosuppressive drugs.

However, Vogmask- a premiere filtering face mask coined to be the “first ever stylish face mask,” has proven to be a successful solution for many to overcome these pesky invaders.

It’s inevitable that we would come into contact with germs while traveling, it’s just part of the package. Traveling can take a toll on anyone’s body, regardless if you have a health condition or not.

The important thing is to realize that there are safe and reliable tools out there to help you, if you ever need it. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable being the only one on the plane wearing a face mask. On the other hand, would you rather play it safe than be sorry later?

Others can argue that you can inhale these airborne particles anywhere- which is true. These masks can be worn anywhere you go but for the sake of traveling- airplanes and airports don’t always have the best air ventilation or cleanliness.

The good thing about these masks is that they are stylish. People may be staring at you not because of what you are wearing but because it looks pretty cool. There are many different designs, colors, sizes fit for adults and children alike.

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If you are picky with the type of fabric you wear, you don’t have to despair. There are two types; microfiber and organic cotton for those sensitive or allergic to synthetic textiles.

The price ranges around $30, which can be an understandable steep price for those with RA already needing to pay various medications, treatments and what not. Although the shelf-life seems to make up for the investment.

It is said to last 3 years from the manufacture date. Typically, people replace their masks yearly and for those who live in very poor air quality environments, its recommended to change it every 5-6 months.

According to the company it is a, "simple, noninvasive way to protect respiratory health and an essential tool to advocate for your own wellness. As we are exposed to an increasing number of environmental pollutants every day; masks provide immediate protection of your health. Vogmask is a tool for wellness, style, and a symbol of care for yourself, the planet, and the future.”

So, take the next steps to protect your health if you are one of those delicate flowers. Pass it along to anyone with RA interested in protecting their overall wellness, their lungs from poor air quality, allergies, traveling, those with specific lung health issues, and who work in hazardous environments.

To learn more about Vogmask visit their website and check out the FAQ for a full curated list and very in depth look into the technology, what else it can protect you from and the various styles.

Here is to healthy, happy and safe travels wherever you go!


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